sewing stitches

The Quilt of My Life

often becomes a comforter
like a quilt
that has been hand-sewn
each stitch placed so painstakingly
along a line
of some traced metaphor
a life that has many curves,
hills, and
Creating,ever creating
an unknown design
unaware of its outcome
just always sewing
pricking fingers in the course
of its creation
bleeding upon the white cotton
leaving stains of a life that produces
and seduces pain
never resting the fingers
that are swollen and sore
from experiencing the union
of the beautiful patterns,
the substance of the fillers,
which is the basis
of who we truly are,
and the past,
the backing of
our trueselves.
Always there must be the binding
the fingers, the mind of the hands,
sewing the binding to bring
a form, a sturdiness to all that
is contained and is the comforter,
the quilt of who we are.
It is the quilt of ourselves
which is eternally changing.
One day, perhaps, I will look into
a mirror and see the patchwork,
the crazy quilt, each embroidered
line that is truly who I am.
If that day comes,
I hope to wrap myself up
in my own arms
and rest
in the warmth

kathy lockhart

Words by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 511 times
Written on 2006-09-26 at 22:46

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Ahh you zany, lovable lady. Nana stitching a quilt of her life, so beautifully, that only warmth ever will be felt. Of course I'm rambling, but they say, the best sense is found in nonsense. :p
Seriously though (giving myself a shake), I want to give you ((((((((((warm hugs)))))))))))) after reading this... Your quilt is serene and beautiful, even with all the stitches that went wrong... :)

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Another work of truth, beauty and genius.

I am amazed and proud of who you are..
this poem..expressed..I really felt the depth in this a moving write..ever have I
teared the way I did in this..powerful..what we all carry inside..embracing within to just be who we are to move arms we all do have eh:) and with that i give you a hug:)

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hi there Katherine a lovely poem and so very you rgds mike

Rob Graber
The hope that knowing "our trueselves" (I like that) would be a source of happiness is pretty cool--some kind of ultimate optimism maybe?!

Kathy, oh Kathy, things ain't been the same since you went away. This is beautiful darling, you give and I know you've received, hope!!!

So very, very beautiful and meditative!

keith nunes
cool poem! great individual strength and positiveness expressed here! well done

Zachary P. B.
we often times "sew our own quilts" or create our own problems...

i don't know what mine looks like, but tomorrow i'll be starting another patch, and it may turn out a bit better than the gray ones...