memories and longings for a time of innocense and contentment

The Weaver and The Dancer

braid my hair mother
twist each strand around the other
braid my hair dear mother

weave your story momma
capture me in tales of suspense and drama
weave your story sweet momma

unsnarl each strand mommy
smooth the tangles that twist and bind me
unsnarl each strand kind mommy

hold me close my mom
kiss my forehead with your healing balm
hold me close my gentle mom

give me strength mother
you're an inspiration like no other
give me strength angelic mother

hold my hand father
lead my along the tracks and farther
hold my hand dear father

give me dreams pawpa
fill me with thoughts and magic ideas
give me dreams sweet pawpa

tap a dance daddy
shuffle your feet that mesmerize me
tap a dance kind daddy

build my confidence dad
encourage me to stand alone and be glad
build my confidence smart dad

give me strength father
you're an inspiration like no other
give me strength angelic father

Heaven rejoices in song
because you are where you both belong
Heaven rejoices in song!

And I am teller of tales
a dancer of dreams
I stand in awe in the brilliant
streams of your light and essence
you will always be present
in the eternal fountain of love

kathy lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-09-27 at 06:05

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so Sweet Kathy! Beautifuly written and very heartfelt!

Phyllis J. Rhodes
This is a beautifully perfect piece for Mom and Daddy. I can only say, once again you have owned the readers hearts.

Zoya Zaidi
What sweet stroll down the memory lane!

I was left craving for more...

How one misses that soothing balm of a mother's touch,
That strong supportive presence of a father,
When you can just put away your worries, and be secure
in the knowledge of the fact, that
There is somebody, responsible, on whose shoulders you can lean,
Who can just Wisk way all your sorrows, woes, worries...


You Are A Master Kathy...

Excellent Write

Sandy Hiss
Sweet, heartfelt poem. I enjoyed reading this. It's too bad that not every child has a mother or father to hold them.

keith nunes
lovely poem kathy and all strength to you!

this write....really
touched me..just ..did
no words to say..
love you my mommakac

They still comfort, even if they are not there to continue the rituals!!!