There was a dramatic film in the 40s with Ronald Colman obsessed with playing Othello and confusing the play with reality. He used to strangle Desdemona on stage while at the same time kissing her – and couldn't stop doing it out of stage. The title wa

226. The kiss of death (for the 'Kiss' challenge)

Yes, it's possible to kiss yourself to death.
When love is running out and ruining itself,
when you are wasted and has turned your inside out,
that is your heart and soul, so nothing else remains,
then you can still consume yourself
by throwing yourself out into the final abyss
visiting the hell of dead and wasted lovers
where they kissed themselves to death;
and, mind you, they were not just ordinary kisses.
Lips may meet and signify but shallowness and nothing,
lips may lie and put on shows, like hiding behind lipsticks,
but there is another kind of kisses, much more subtle,
that are whispered in consummate silence, privately
by means of nothing but the element of honest thought.
Those are the kisses which I here try to describe,
the secret loves that never manifest themselves in flesh and blood,
the unexpressed desires, wishes unfulfilled,
and dreams that never could come true,
all those unwritten tragedies of love
that never came to more than secret kisses from afar
sent by some windhorse, wandering in darkness,
the sincerest kisses ever,
that will always carry through their message
spiting time and space to go on loving
and to die of love forever.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-09-28 at 00:08

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keith nunes
lovely poem with all its attendant romanticism and fearlessness

Thank you Christian for adding your kiss to my kiss challenge. I knew you would add such finery to the page and you have with this incredible addition.