tearing pieces apart once the work's already done


Take out the fine-tooth comb
and give it a rinse
Look for the clues
Don't bang your head on the wall
Better than alcohol

We have the answers, do we?
We can stand in a crowd
And express the meaning of life
with a hand on the wallet?

Sift through the flour with
the weevil magnet
What if the signs aren't right?
Not everything can succeed
Pieces are always lost

In these theories crags are permitted
Snags tearing holes in my jumper
Announce the cattle-call to
Round-up the weeds in the garden

Nouns into verbs
or so it seems
People shouldn't be judged superficially
One bad review can annihilate the effort
The roots unrepaired by the soil

You say one thing,
but you practise another
I don't care that you're better prepared
Do you think I do?

This is the point
To dive into the medium
And emerge with fragments still attached
Make an impression and
Wipe it away

Little fountain,
Spouting from the centre
It's not worth going
The pathway is blocked

Definite is not for sure
Too short? You don't want the exposure
Rip up and throw the first half away
You never could pronounce properly
Meanings becoming entangled

By somebody else,
More of a controlling thing
You have the power to dictate how far
The penny drops deep into the well

Double D confusion
Double G agony
You should never walk barefoot
In a field of yellow grass
Prickly and un-signposted

There isn't always a meaning, you know
Some people just write for the sake of it
Over-analysis can sometimes dig too far
Into the overgrown briar

Random knowledge
Pepper plots with phrases
Minatory allusion
Polka dots adorning stripes
You don't like, you learn

Content seeping out of the cover
Letters floating into the sea
See how many words you can use in a row
Figure this one out

Analyse the necromancer
Unpick the thread of being

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 530 times
Written on 2006-09-28 at 02:13

Tags Analysis 

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Zachary P. B.
i love this take on "editing" i personally hate having to change it, even though it doesn't fit, it just hurts my heart a little bit...

sorry random tangent. =) but i really like this, very realistic, with a hint of clever metaphors as well.


What greatness and comparision. I indeed like that little bit of Tolkien in that as well. Always good reading and thinking from you!!!!