229. The abstract beauty of your soul

The abstract beauty of your soul compels me
to some apprehension for your frailty,
like some precious old Venetian glass entrusted to my hands
for my responsibility to care for and protect,
and I will do so willingly and bind myself to that distinguished obligation
piously regarding it as my concern and mission,
maybe the most vital and important of my life.
The secret of your charm is that you live by soul alone,
material values are nonentities to you,
while you look only for the soul of man to bring it forth,
that is the best sides of humanity and of each human being;
all that ever was of any good in any person you awake
to new life, and thus can you thaw up any human heart
and even recall frozen flowers back to life.
My love was such a frozen flower,
buried and suppressed since twenty years,
and could I then stop loving you and go to sleep and lethargy again
when you are here to brighten up my life? Impossible,
life was created to exist and must exist through love,
if possible, forever.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 346 times
Written on 2006-09-29 at 10:14

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Zoya Zaidi
What a lovely tribute to 'whomever'!
It sees the person within the person,
It wakes you up to the quality of the person,
That actually is your own quality,
Because you wake to that which is
Already inherent in you...
Only that which is sleeping in you can wake up,
Meaning there by that it was already there,
Someone (lucky one), came and just shook it up,
Stirring it awake...

Do I make any sense to you?

Thanks for the inspired and inspiring write.

Love, Zoya