i was in a lecture, thinking about everything but what i should have been listening to...the title's an abbreviation of the name of the theatre


Laughing sheep
One laughs, you all laugh
Some try to look different
Others just do anyway
We all fill the tables in the pit

I should leave.
I know this stuff fairly well,
Actually read this week,
So it's all a bit repetitive really
Drums would be welcome.

The clash of cymbals may be too.
Most are here,
The back's all full up,
But maybe I'll leave anyway
Nothing's keeping me here.

Another day,
More notes to learn
Ways of understanding needed
Bluffing techniques tuned.
That was unexpected.

Turn around so you can keep going
Without fuss or needing to act
Haven't heard a single word spoken.
I'm sure he knows his stuff.
I don't, but it's not going to change.

Where did the oxygen go?
You can't need it all
You must leave some for me
Else it's all on your head,
You will all have to shoulder.

Bricks and wood,
Nails and seams
Smooth, jagged, 'functional'
No appeal, none at all
What filled has escaped

And it's slipping through the door.

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 588 times
Written on 2006-09-29 at 02:23

Tags Boredom  Escapism 

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This is a cool and "functional" piece of work!!!

Zachary P. B.
no appeal, none at all
what fill has escaped

i fell in love with those lines... sometimes what we need is not what we want, or sometimes what we want will harm us, but who cares? no one does, even though they should... sorry random tangent. =)

i totally get that, i don't really like classes or lectures or anything. good observations, let the mind wander! =)