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NOTE: 2005 09 18 20H47 EST Triolet 1 – Beauty In Splendors _ first attempt... ever ;)

Beauty In Splendors

Your heart is beauty in splendors,
Forever singing melodies of glee,
Love lifts, draws soothing wonders,
Your heart is beauty in splendors.

Offering lullabies of warming colors,
It caresses my smile so very softly.
Your heart is beauty in splendors,
Forever singing melodies of glee.

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Written on 2005-09-24 at 14:46

Tags Triolet 

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Commentally Ill
i don't know why i wrote this, the melodies of glee part sang to me i guess, and it rhymed with smee, and suddenly i was typing my nonsensical crap on your page. (sorry)

melodies of glee
sang the gleeful smee
cuz tinkerbell
can go to hell
and peter pan with she!

he's got the gold at last
forget ol' hook, the past
he feels so swell
(a yelp, a wail)-
he crumples in the blast

a cheerful little goof-along for you :D

seriously, good job on the triolet form, you seem to have it downpat. when, pray tell, are you going to try a paradelle? ;) just kidding, unless you have plenty of hair to pull out.


Beautiful write, this poem is beauty in splendors and such a art is one of the most preciouse reason to feel good in this world

yikes, you're on a roll! i can't decide which i like better, the first one or the second, they're both so very wonderful. i like the hope of this one, though. nice.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
well you know my views on this already but i will say again, it is very good, especially seeing as though this is your first time ever doing any sort of form poem :)