This poem is a tribute to Alan Turing, a gifted mathematician who helped to decode top secret military messages used by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. He was also a homosexual, and he paid the highest price for his sexuality.


The word is that you
Cracked the Nazi code,
Helped to win the cypher war,
While all the time you kept
Your own secret under wraps,
But some peacetime later
You inadvertently revealed it
To an investigating officer;
Your country's fascists read
You like a book afterwards,
Noted the semaphore of a drowning man,
Made you take your own life
Despite all the lives you'd saved.

Chris Fernie,2006

Poetry by Chris Fernie
Read 423 times
Written on 2006-10-02 at 21:57

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Amanda K
Sadly, sometimes all our remarkable achievements in lifeare deleted by a silly and unimportant act. Respected your theme and wishing you all the best.

Rob Graber
What a disturbing and provocative tragedy.