This is dedicated to cowboy jim.


My wife asked me why I liked watching golf,
Especially as I do not own, nor am a member
Of, a club.
Was it the scenery of the course? The outrageous
Outfits? The choice of club and shot?
All those things, I said, but really it's the attitude
What I admire.
Attitude as in address the ball, she chirped, no
How the players walk, look around, select a club,
Visualise how they'll strike the ball, zen-like,
Like, you know, how cowboys come into town
And size up the place, how they stroll or strut
Down the main street, visualising what shots to make...
But golf was invented in Scotland or even Denmark,
What's it got to do with how cowboys behave, she
Queried cunningly.

Er, watch him, who?
Him, Tom Watson,
He's leading the British Open
But look closely at how he strides out,
See how he keeps his hands by his sides,
Just calmly waiting to feel the grips,
And the eyes, peer into those eyes,
He's going to visualise his quarry,
He's going to shoot at the hole,
But he's modest and decent and kindly...
... and he's from Kansas to boot.

Chris Fernie, 2009

Poetry by Chris Fernie
Read 1134 times
Written on 2009-07-30 at 23:18

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