In November 2002 I had a near-fatal heart attack. As I near that anniversary, I thought I'd relive that moment of transient death.

Second Born

Look at yourself in the mirror
Before the ambulance arrives,
It could be the last time
You see an image of yourself,
I know, I know, the image
Could be better, better colour,
Not so much grey skin,
Better facial expression,
Don't contort, try to grin,
And don't sweat like a dying pig,
Be human, for God's sake, dance a jig!
I'll try, I'll try, anything to stop the pain,
And another thing, I'll never smoke again,
And I promise to be good if I'm spared,
God, where is that ambulance, I'm scared!

Chris, Chris, chew this aspirin, take some oxygen,
Try and relax, don't worry too much, when, when,
Did the chest pain start? Any problems with the heart?
Guys, I feel very strange, a feeling unique in my life...
A feeling that's just taken my life... my life... my life...

.... a blackness not of this world, not of normal sleep,
A blackness of the womb, of the tunnel, of the deep,
I'm falling, falling,
Someone's calling, calling,
Go back, go back!
I leave the black,
A drowning man is spared,
How weird, how weird,
Me of all people,
Not a little church, not even a steeple,
And yet I came back, a little Lazarus...

...of course, I was told I'd fainted,
But my memory wasn't tainted,
I still recall the nearly-Fall,
And I'm still trying to find out why,
So please forgive me while I cry.

Chris Fernie, 2006

Poetry by Chris Fernie
Read 392 times
Written on 2006-10-04 at 23:37

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
An incredible narrative of such a dramatic, near fatal event in your life. Thank God you are here to write about it.

Kathy Lockhart
This is a poignant piece on your near death experience. It took me to your side. I am glad you are better and among the living. : ) kathy

Rob Graber
Great read Chris. Glad you made it!