Her dreams manifest themselves into letters of love. No rhyming scheme.
Just poetic dreams. Will they ever be true?

A Love Letter of Dreams

My Love,

Each time you say that you love me,
it is like hearing it for the first time.
Yes, you have said it to me before,
a thousands times or more
But those words are so devine
Tell me, tell me anytime
that you love me.
Hold me in your arms My Angel.
Let me fly upon the airy lofts of light
secure in the strength and might
of your wings as they gently move
in the rhythm of the love we sing
Lift me up, hold me to your chest
as we are breast to breast
face to face, lips to lips, sigh to sigh.

I am waiting for paths to clear,
for answers to come, for the sun to rise.
My Love, I long for the day
when I look into your eyes
I am waiting. Come and stay.
Lets soar high, fly, over the moon to our stars,
to our Mars, to Venus, then around the sun.
In this world that seems
undone. We have only just begun to love.
Here is my love for you,
as I truly am
--lost in you.

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 1777 times
Written on 2006-10-08 at 21:55

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Amanda K
romantic and soft. I Gotta tell you that is one of the best. One feels like watching you truly in love.


Phyllis J. Rhodes
You have a way
of making the harshness of the day
fall away
and let beauty come to play
in everything you say

Malin Johansson
WOW this is so beautiful, I have to say that this is in my favs!!!
So beautiful, I loved this part alot :
*for answers to come, for the sun to rise.
My Love, I long for the day
when I look into your eyes
Applause to this great poem of yours!!

Wow! What a text, wonderfully overflowing with longing and love!

keith nunes
well a gorgeous love poem. such masterful handling of the delicate emotions and feelings. a wonderful piece kathy

Zoya Zaidi
"face to face, lips to lips, sigh to sigh."
Crest to crest... lol...
Just love this piece dear Kathy,
Yeah, no rhyming pattern, just plain simple dreaming-these rhyming patterns have been done to death here on the bay- just love pure poetry. Content and not form is important...At least that is what I think..lol


this write sure melts the heart:)

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hi there a lovley poem for this lucky one lololool well done katherine hes gonna love it rgds mike