Another you in my life

So many times i was alone
when i could't sleep then you left me alone
but you didn't understand that i want to lay beside you

Then you took off i have so hard to breath
many dreams have rull down of my eyes

Time has go and i say goodbye
because i can beath and dream again
just like it before

So free and innocent i feels
someone does me complete
i have another you in my life

Can you depicts your self anyone else by my side
i have depicts so afraid to fall

I try to always hide my feelings somewere
you are not the only one for me so listen to what i have to say
my hopes about you was faiding away

Sometime i see you when i close my eyes
you are still a part of me
but i can breath and dream again
so free and innocent i feels
i have another you in my life

Poetry by Lilla Trollet
Read 704 times
Written on 2006-10-11 at 12:45

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