It's seems that this gallery is slowly becoming a collection of songs with poems and stories as an extra treat once in a while. This is a song about my status of being a daydreamer. Hope you'll like it!

Dreams and me

My friends is always calling me a dreamer,
I guess that's just the way I'm meant to be,
but I'm more than that,
more than fairy tales,
I am more than they'll ever know

The teachers think I should pay more attention,
my parents seems to somehow think the same
and I guess they're right,
but what am I to do,
when my mind takes control of me

It's the dreams that makes me who I am,
a writer on my way, with my masterplan
It's truer than before,
I'll always feel for sure;
Dreams and me are meant to be

I pass the same old places every morning,
the smell of coffee when the day's bright new
and I think away
every moment alone,
everything can become a dream

Each day is new in someway or another,
but still it's like the times that passed us by
It's no wonder then
that I kind of escapes
into fairy tales of my own

It's my thoughts that brought me to this point
when I put my words up to task again
It's truer than before,
when I open up that door;
Dreams and me are meant to be

And that's the honest truth,
I'm bringing it to you,
that dreams and me are meant to be

Poetry by Karoline
Read 528 times
Written on 2006-10-14 at 22:12

Tags Dreaming 

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Amy Buchanan
A excellent write. Dreams are what make me a writer also! I daydream also, more often when I was a child. Keep on dreaming!