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My name is Karoline and I'm twenty-one years old though I feel much younger and feel more like a child than a grown-up.
I love to read and write and daydreams often. I want to be a librerian and also an author and a songwriter.
I guess I could describe my looks, but I don't really see how it matter,
my hair is brown, my eyes are brown and I'm getting more fond of skirts with each day passing + I mostly carry a bag.
That's all one truly need to know for now.
When it comes to favorites I have a great many, but I could mention elephants, dandelions and the number seven cause they are the most important. I have many interests, the most important being reading and writing, but I also like nintendo, astrology and shopping.
No wonder I'm so often broke, good thing I still live at home.
I guess I'll end my blabbering there!

Writing friends
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