In Britain today there is a debate about veils.

A problem unmasked

The problem with veils
Is that they hide the face,
Save for the eyes,
The windows of grace,
But we humans are smart,
We need to see the full face,
So that we know the heart,
But it seems that sex plays a part,
For men have worn veils, let's start
With,say, the Taureg of the Sahara,
The menfolk cover their faces
And wear a native mascara
To appear both tough and debonair
To the French Legionnaire;
And don't forget Jesse James,
One of several household names
From the Old West,
Who did his best to keep his face
Hidden from shame and disgrace
By wearing a hankerchief as a mask,
As they say nowadays,a big ask,
And in the southern hemisphere
There was another outlaw, I hear,
One Ned Kelly, a real outback charmer,
Who wore a helmet of armour,
This seems to be the essence of the problem,
We associate bad things with the veils of certain men!

Chris Fernie,2006

Poetry by Chris Fernie
Read 383 times
Written on 2006-10-14 at 23:52

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Rob Graber
Clever, and very interesting...