Nagiljala is a place you live in after the dead. If you have read the book "Brothers of lionheart" by Astrid Lindgren then you know what i meen.

Our time is out and we be visible in Nangijala in about dozen years

A part of me has dieing sometimes
the last time i has die litel more then i should

A big part of me has disappear
is this really so real that it's gonna hurt to be love

When i was lost and i did't know were to go
you took me in your arms and said it will be OK

I gess that our time is out here and now
i dont regret our time but it's a sin

It's a sin that you don't se be like the other friends
i thougt that we stand quit close together
but i gess that i just are one of them old

You are gonna keep going on with our life
we be visible in Nagijala in about dozen years

But you should now that i still like you

Short story by Lilla Trollet
Read 759 times
Written on 2006-10-15 at 01:17

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