an unusual format for me. I wrote it a year ago on the advent of my first triathlon though I believe it has very little to do with that race.


determined, her course is charted
she steels a firmly set face
her feet are directing her slowly
pushing their still-leadened pace

months fast roll into each other
the progress is charted by grace
grimly her heart is forgiven
as moments fall into their place

passion and hot tears come rolling
though wax as they do and they wane
as fierce as she's set to fight them
are the breath and the life of her pain

the road ahead veers so sharply
still rises and falls with the scene
angry, she grits and she bears it
forging her way to a dream

at long last this journey she's taken,
the one meant to fill her with home
has opened her eyes to a newness
that lingers when she lies alone

yet blistering fingers and weary worn toes
have left her more empty than whole
the road that once led to redemption
instead, has now stolen her soul

still she's rounding the corner to freedom
a broken mind set on a plan
then realizes with horror the truth is
she ended up where she began.

Poetry by R.
Read 690 times
Written on 2006-10-16 at 02:09

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gr8 work.

Zachary P. B.
then realizes with horror the truth is
she ended up where she began...

life and time seemed to be forever encircling, entrapping us... the pain and tiredness ensue i guess.

you're right-it has little to do with the race. brilliance.