In response to spoon feeding. In honor of you.


I was once
the friend you sought
the student admired,
a girl you wanted to know.
and now I am
by angry faces
carrying burdens
I never placed there. Bricks of life
weigh heavily on young, weary souls.
I become your target.
And I am defined
by tender
lives—my work mistaken for me.
or not.
I am the patterned bells,
I am the expected test. I am the
work you crave and despise with
a passion shown in few other areas.
and you.
you who define me
are labeled
not by your defiant stares
your indifferent shrugs
your empty words.
you are potential, and power
and hope.
otherwise, how could you possibly
have the strength.
to define

Poetry by R.
Read 759 times
Written on 2006-10-25 at 06:52

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Amanda K
so sad when you descned after you ascend. this is how life and ppl do treat us sometimes. an excellent piece.

Rick Crown
Wellspunctuated. & this is great! defy the definer. I'd say more, but the room is spinning slightly, and I think saying great is plenty.

Zachary P. B.
life is hierarchial and unfair, because fair is equality, and then we'd all be communist... =)

haha, other than me trying to sound smart i really connect and like this poem; for things, people, events, unexplainable or "different" labels are put on them, warnings words of cautions adhered to... it's sad what the world has always been.