A star fall and i did't say what i wished

It's something magic in the air
when sun goes down i get a shiver feeling
to be with you give me a speciall feeling
it's so nice that i will feel it forever

When you lie beside me here in a bright summernight
then i can feel when you breath so easy and peacefull
you weak my heart so gentel but still quick
we both know that no word can beat this feeling

I remember when i fall for you and you catch me
just like it was just me for you
i was always afraid that people was gonna hurt me
but you said that i would be afraid and i can trust you

But im always afraid that my heart is gonna break
stamp break or fly away beacuse i like you
i know that you are speciall and unusual
you make me be something big and unique

I want to go hand in hand with you now and forever
because i know that you will not fail me

Do you remember that valley with al white flowers
then we lie down on the blanket with your hands in my hair
our laught was made to one laught
when the dark was coming we saw a star fall
i still not told you what i wished me then
but i dont think i need it because here we stand 50 years later
with you in my hand and see our children get thier one lives..

Poetry by Lilla Trollet
Read 700 times
Written on 2006-10-16 at 23:19

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