this peom was a thought of a town with no emotion just reaction acting as u would act without thought. in this town it would not matter there is no sad or mad, good or evil but the thought of that is that evil ???

Unkown source of emotionless

Sorrow struck the whole town
Everyone held there heads down

It must have been death
Could it have been life?

Something they may have seen
Maybe it was that devastating

Why though, the whole town
Everyone with there heads down

Could it have been plaque?
A utopia of conforming zombies

Sight of spirit
Might have distressed them

Why though, the entire town
Everyone with there heads upside down

A Turn around or maybe a cross over
Could they all be alive with no souls?

Conductor came with a sad song
Lifted life force it was so strong

Why though, the entire town
Everyone with there inner self low down

Poetry by cory Crook
Read 1186 times
Written on 2005-09-30 at 03:01

Tags Wonder 

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jacy can really feel the strong emotion of emptness but an underlying slight of emotion of sadness. this is a very intriging poem well done :)