Wow my best write ever wow

Dragon From Space

Sat awake late one evening
The moon was clearly wanning
Still Sizzling from the summer heat
Dark around the lamp let street
The sweat that ran down my face
Will set the upcoming pace
All was silent and not yet ordinary
Focusing hard the vibe was scary
Cold breeze blew threw
Who the hell knew
What was next was coming
Its why the crazies minds out running
the blur was quick I barely blinked
Before my eyes the star that sat, it sinked
Into the sky came the fiery comet
Full speed ready to bomb it
It grew and grew
till I didn't know what to do
I jumped up quick and fixed my feet
The comet landed in that dark street
With great amplitude of hesitation
I climbed of my porch
and analyzed the situation
The blaze of rubble had a life form in it
Spiral of fire would genetically spin it
It whipped and hissed and growled and roared, it evolved
The reaction from space to earth was involved
gathering still its origin of creation
It sucked energy from power lines to fuel this animation
It let the night up bright as day
The demon from the sky came out to play
By this time I'd found a place 2 hide
I could see this monster from the hidden side
Needing most what most men want
Knowledge of a warrior to flaunt
This dragon from space has grown 10X its embryos size
How do I become instantly wise
How do I slay the beast of will and pride
I'd hoped and prayed had no time to decide
It was obvious fire and enerMgy was not its foe
Deeper in the mind I'd have to go
Big picture had been displayed
The message had been relayed
I'd have to stab this thing in the heart
Finding it wouldn't be the hardest part
Sword gets pulled from the stone
Got Chilling feeling from the bone
then I grabbed my steal from my vault
Gaining strength for my next assault
I climbed upon my iron horse
Looked at the new age dragon and its ten tails
Examined quick his many scales Tyranasoruas face with a lions mane of fire
Could not extinguish my desire
I chose the spot that looked unstable
Buried the blade turning life into a fable
Just as I thought is wasn't phased
My Revolvers barrel blazed
Strike after strike It never fell
Last ditch effort I new my Palace if light would shine
This dragon would be mine
Jumping aboard its back It flew
It was only time that I new
I would ride its back for 2 long days
Before it landed in one of Antarcticas icy bays
It flipped my from its back to the glacier
Tired know I'd be tastier
I couldn't believe what followed
I picked me up and looked me right into the eyes
I'd stare and gaze until I'd be mesmorized
He spoke through waves inside our minds
He spoke of earths unseen finds
He watched the world from a distance
Came here from another existence
It traveled here to tame The bravest of warriors with a true name
After he released from his grasp
I dropped to my ass
Realization then set in
I pulled my blade from the dragons skin
He motioned that i ride his back into the sun
Me and the dragon were meant to live in unison

Poetry by cory Crook
Read 627 times
Written on 2010-01-12 at 08:31

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