Some observations about PoetBay contributors and writers in general

All Are Poets

Some of us are learned pros
Some of us are learning
Some of us write in simple rhymes
Some of us go wandering
Some of us know many styles
Some of us invent them
Some of us use obscure words
Some of us more usual
Some of us expose our hearts
Some of us write shadows
Some of us are sophisticates
Some of us are sophomores
Some of us are elitists
Some of us are lowbrow
Some of us write every day
Some of us just sometimes
Some of us know we have a gift
Some of us are humble
Some of us may not agree
Some of us may get it
That all of us on this site
Can wear the name of poet

Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 455 times
Written on 2006-10-21 at 23:10

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brian paglia
Another wonderful write.The beauty of poetry is that everyone is qualified and the ones who think they're not,have the most to offer and gain by searching themselves through writing.

Jessica Rexroat
everyone this is from the poet who introduced me to the art, and passed the talent on and she wrote true

a marvel to read n reread.

Zoya Zaidi
Poet happy,
Poet sad,
Poet peppy,
Poet glad,
Poet shallow
poet hollow,
Poet who is a cad.
Poet anguished,
poet estatic,
poet stylised,
Poet criticised.
Poet iside,
poet outside...
poet inside-out!
You get them in every shape and size!!!

Poet is anything but lacking in variety, dear Phyllis.
An excellent piece!
Love, Zoya


Amy Buchanan
I agree with all your words. All poets are in a class by themselves. Excellent!

Kathy Lockhart
I agree sister. So I guess I could say Amen Sister! You say it well.

So true phylis, so true. We are poets when we know act like poets and we come in many poetic forms and stages of play, to be sure. The iritating elitist types are the ones that say we can't! But I say....OH YES WE CAN!lol Smiling at you, Tai