I think it is 'One World Week' and by way of celebrating the global family, this poem is dedicated to all the writers who live in the e-state that is PoetBay. Have a great week, everyone!

The Wordsmith

On the soul's shoreline
I walk slowly, head down,
Beachcombing for
Lost words,
Throw-away lines,
Mangled metaphors,
Split infinitives,
Arcane adjectives,
Gnarled nouns,
Valedictory verbs,
Any scrap speech,
Any lexical litter,
And what I find I keep
In my cranial crucible,
Waiting for a spark
Of creativity to ignite
The tinder of imagination,
And once the fire is lit
I melt down the precious
Building blocks of Babel,
And let the linguistic liquid
Run, run, run, run
Into my mouth-mould
From where out pours

Gold gerunds

Platinum prose

Silver spiel

Copper codes

Brass banter

Iron irony

Steel sentences

Tin testimony

Words are my mettle,
I am a wordsmith.

Chris Fernie, 2006

Poetry by Chris Fernie
Read 499 times
Written on 2006-10-22 at 13:06

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Nagamuthu Osho
Respected Poet,

Very verile and agile style of poems, with worth versatile verse.
I love your poems, want to read and repeat it again.

God Bless you,

If time permits visit and sign my Guest Book of my Website:

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Rob Graber
I like the metallurgy metaphor. I tend to think of writing as like the working of clay into a finished piece, but this leaves out the idea of melting down...

Kathy Lockhart
I love the way you work those words, Wordsmith. This is a very clever piece. The alliterations are fun to read. I have a picture in my mind of a sea of words being washed upon the shore and poetbay poets, pails in hand, collect them. What a fun read, Chris. : )