mystry still prevails...

somewhere something unseen,
i've seen.
somewhere something unknown,
i've known.
some where something unaccompanied,
i've companied.
somewhere something unadorned,
i've adorned.
somewhere somethin unanswered,
i've answered.
somewher something undecided i've decided
i've decided.

somewhere someone someday
will come up for you.
for somehow something will happen
something somewhat like love.

Poetry by Sarvesh
Read 674 times
Written on 2006-10-22 at 19:17

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Zoya Zaidi
I like the something/ somewhere/Somehow refrain.
A very nice idea!
psst!!!!!! just atiny weeny typo:
probably you want to say 'Will' and not 'ill' in the 2nd line of last stanza, Isn't it?


Phyllis J. Rhodes
I like this a lot. I like how it sounds when read aloud. I like the rhythm. I like the thoughts provoked. Good work.