Disco at funeral

vast stretches reminding me
...how lonely iam
....how futile this life is.
.....how shameless that god.

and living ...
just for the sake of living.
screams and shadows from no where...
inside of me....my blood turning black.

with every teardrop falling
...see the inert, crystallized world in it.

every forced smile,
.....reminding the infinity between these lips.

and unconcious breathing or sigh,
i can see the smoke oozing out...
knew this would happen someday.....
coz heart burned but lips stiched...

no consoling i need...
no stone upturned....
no holly placed over my chest...
my final rest.

Poetry by Sarvesh
Read 859 times
Written on 2007-06-08 at 19:25

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Rob Graber
Effectively BLEAK; I like esp. lines 9-10.