.... we cannot give a holier name."

My personal God.

"And i cried to lord,
to stay with him",
"on earth you shall go",
he was calm but grim.

"innocent spec i am,
that earth,an inferno,
never i will leave,
if must, with you shall go."

"eternity i am,
why chain in cycles of life?
fragrance you breathe,i am
there, how long shall i survive?"

"you see for you,
something i have made.
no evil shall touch you,
he shall forbade"

"you shall learn and unlearn
and relearn from trace.
and rest your tired body
on his forever embrace"

"will make you cry for
sometimes be,
to learn that joys
aren't free"

"sacrifice he will
all his,for you
remain there forever
never he'll adieu"

"yes my child
i love you too.
but can't accompany
all my children like you."

"so in his warmth lies your solace.
in his eyes you shall forever be.
and he is no different, just like me
but on earth, call him-DADDY"

Copyrightę: Sarvesh

Poetry by Sarvesh
Read 1101 times
Written on 2006-10-23 at 17:58

Tags Joy  Happy  Family 

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
I am so touched by this piece. The difficulty in the seperation and coming to earth but the assurance that all will be well because of Daddy. In my Bible I read that we are to call God Abba which is Daddy. I find such comfort in that.

Kathy Lockhart
This is so unique in its style. I enjoyed the conversation. My personal God is my Father and my Daddy. I love the thought of seeing him as Daddy. I want to crawl up in His lap and rest in His loving care.