society. again
smash my dreams,what r u waiting 4 ?

Who's me and who's you

Who's nothing and who's something
in such an empty world
a mixture of insanity
drown in it
like a little kid
finding myself in a bed of lies
truth's so far away
never become mine, never fly
they don't want me to, i know
it's time to spread my wings
and make myself something
i've never expected
who's zero and who's one
that's the big difference
between the existance and the disappearance
who's me and who's you
what counts most to survive?
i know it's only emotions
who can save us out of this bleeding wound

Poetry by Angel_in_disguise
Read 593 times
Written on 2006-10-24 at 19:45

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The costly wind,
Priceless to mortals
The print of many,
Tells a million legacy
The saint behind me,
The ruthless mudurer of my heart
The beauty i dreamt of,
Ended my world

Waoo, everyone has something say, good or evil, but base on comparison. I know who u are, what u wish to be and where u have always love to be. It tells in ur words. Keep up to ur writings. I remember alot from it.

Ariel Bennett
I like this poem alot great job!