I would love to discuss them with you. Death in this poem is the entity not the concept, it is not about suicide. It is said to carry a relationship with Death (entity) you will live forever but will get sick often (i get sick all of the time so i often s

The True Romantic

Awaiting on my doorstep
Roses in his hand
Cloaked in black
and shrouded in my love
This tease of a man
He'll never fully steal
What it is that I want to give
Bed down this lonely girl
Give her, her wish tonight
Stop that breath with lips
And the wrenching it her lungs
Asphyxiation on his CO2
This is romance.
He may be my love,
But you are my only
And tell me Death
What is love
When you hold eternity?
He may have held me that night
But where is he now?
Death, where is he now
as you knock upon my headboard
as you wretch out breath?
He held me too close
and cut off my life
stepped upon my knees
and back, and chest
to raise up to where he belonged
Death, where is he now?
Did you love him too?
'just his mind
just his heart
just his smile
just his love'
no spheres just dips
in my new hearts eyes
life's virginity is given
but leave me Death
just for him
he needs them.
Death, where am I now?
Now that you've had your way?

Poetry by LaJess
Read 555 times
Written on 2005-10-02 at 09:29

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Very intricate and thought provoking. Good job.

John Ashleigh
Virginity is a pride. Value it. **