taking the Lion's ship.

The last concert of our dreams

I've been there before
this place seems so well known
reminds me of an old band
used to sing there

it's you-it's us-it's nobody at all?
it's life, that smiles curiously to us?
games, tricks, mind plays to us
i try to remember;you try to forget

i forgive you for labeling me;doesn't matter
you've made several mistakes to consider
grab the microphone, sing to me all along
this night is mine;inspired by you

songs of love, songs of pain
songs you used to fill with angels' voices
nothing for me, a little for you
all given to a game for two

this concert is the last one;i'm sorry darling
you know, i've gotta go, i'm not here to stay
waiting for me in the corner, the lion's ship
leaving you behind, i can't try to hide

your voice still echoes in my mind
i know i won't forget about you
because you're all i have and all i'll lose
all my possesions-all my obsessions

people's choices, nothing for both of us
gold leaves of autumn, in your hair
sing to me, as you used to do
your voice still a dream for two

you keep writing lyrics in my mind
i know these pieces of paper too useless
if you write these thoughts on my heart
i'll memorise them, even if you...
even if you're apart

Poetry by Angel_in_disguise
Read 391 times
Written on 2006-10-25 at 23:13

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