i'm sorry for the theme.

Endless fall

I'm sleeping over your body
trying to convince myself you're not dead
i'm crying, i'm crying
let me cry, let me die
let me go with you
let me touch your hand
cos even if i know i'm still alive
it's time to fight the demons inside
the piano songs in my mind
remind me of your sweet voice
childish, careless years
i feel so alone, but the world's empty
it's only me and nothing
i'm sleeping over your body
i wish you could speak to me
no voice, no choice
gone to this place
i can't call the name aloud
because i'll open a new wound
whispering your name, trying to find you
among these shadows
where are thee?
missing you slowly
these flowers are fake
because you're not there, holding my hand....

Poetry by Angel_in_disguise
Read 534 times
Written on 2006-10-25 at 23:45

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i really liked this it caught my emotions. an excellent piece

Phyllis J. Rhodes
This grabbed my heart and jerked it and took with with each line, alone with you. I KNOW this feeling, this place, this condition! I am grateful to you for sharing, because it tells me someone else knows these things, these feelings, too. This is great writing.