Tears Of Laughter

Here and there in shades of gray
The shadows gallop as they dance and play
Horror and sickness manifest widespread
What a malicious contest being staged in my head
This plight of mine I testify
I've always loved you with hatred inside
These tears of laughter so full of pain
The pleasure I'm after is pleasure unfeigned
All the words to you I've spoke
I rebuke and now revoke
This vision within that I despise
I don't want this again I'm closing my eyes
My sullen self I reiterate
My love for you so full of hate
All of this in which I profess
You kissed my heart and froze it in my chest
Myself so shattered will not do this again
Not as if it matters but this is the end!

Poetry by Steven Sabula
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Written on 2006-10-26 at 08:10

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Zoya Zaidi
"I've always loved you with hatred inside"

This has such an anguished truth about it....Some people do love with hate.... And I think the reason behind it is that they infact hate themselves... deep down inside...
What do you say, Steven?
Thanks for sharing this very thought provoking poem...
There is something very disturbing about it?

Very, very orignal indeed!

Welcome to the bay, der Steven!



i loved it. straight in my favs. congrats :P

Great poem, a powerfull and catchy begining with a sad and flowing ending..Such a great poem...


Great work