oh, it's such a lonely world


I know you're looking for something perfect
how can you find one?
because you live in a world with loners
dreaming is all you can

You walk alone like a moonlight shadow
don't want anybody stand by your side
on the edge of time, on the bridge of life
staring at the sea, and your heart's sinking

I know that i can still kiss you
but it doesn't now feel the same
maybe the nights we can share are over
and we have to get back to reality

it's not love, it's not hate
it's not tears, not laughter
it's something i can't estimate
because you let me down, loner

Dreaming of you, like you're my one
the first person conquered my thought
someday, when i'll come undone
you'll understand how many devils i've fought

Just me, just you
bitter loners in a lonely world
looking for you
behind the leaves of a broken tree house

Poetry by Angel_in_disguise
Read 408 times
Written on 2006-10-26 at 11:56

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
Its not love, its not hate, its not tears, its not laughter. To be so void of emotion is truely to be alone. Yes, this is a tragically lonely poem. It touches me deeply. I believe that someday, somewhere walking around in this lonely world, the lonely people will bump into each other. I've felt it and experienced it. When it happens they just have to look up for a moment to see the other person.

brian paglia
I've had the honor of reading your poetry and I thank you for the emotions you've opened in me.Keep at it, for you definately have the emotions and insight of an awesome poet.
"For wasn't it me who jumped in head first
Teaching you to test the waters with your tippy toes"