my mum doesn't like this one...

one night stand

The first time I ever saw her
she rocked me on my feet,
I made it my priority
to ensure that we would meet.
At first, but from a distance,
I tried to catch her eye
and when I finally caught it
her look said I could try.
We started kissing in the taxi
on the way back to the house,
her tongue was doing wonders
as my hand slid in her blouse.
Her breasts were nicely rounded,
her nipples stood erect,
her grasping hand found my cock
which she squeezed to good effect.
When we stumbled from the taxi
she still had me in her grip
even now I close my eyes
to watch her slowly strip.
As I lay back on the duvet
with my cock hard in my hand
she asked me what I wanted,
I told her just to stand.
As she stood before me grinning
her hand reached up to her breast,
I watched the other brush her thigh
and nestle in her nest.
Two fingers slid inside her,
I watched them slide in deep,
the juices she was coaxing
my cock would surely reap.
I then bid her even closer
with which she duly straddled
a fine young filly in her prime
ready to be saddled.

Poetry by macpherson
Read 740 times
Written on 2005-10-03 at 01:54

Tags Warmth 

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