big shout out to AZ with this 1. A brief history of the Atholl Highlanders since 1742.

Men o' Atholl

Men o' Atholl awaken yirsels
the nightime's lit
wi' the fires o' hell,
polish yir barrels
and gather yir ranks
ye sail in the morning
tae fight wi' the yanks.
The guid king has sent ye
tae cut the first swathes
through the country once roamed
by the Indian braves.
He'll have ye out scouting
and scouring the ground
and then he'll proclaim
that it's his that ye've found!
Yir courage in battle
ye'll a' proudly render,
the men o' the hill
fae Rannoch tae Glenfender.
Ye'll march o'er land
unblessed by the priest
and at night time ye'll sleep
wi' yir love in yir breist.
Awa' fae yir family,
awa' fae yir friends,
awa fae yir hills
and awa fae yir glens
and jist when yir thinking
ye'll be fighting nae more
yir off tae the Transvaal
tae fight wi the Boer.
Yir letters fae far off
contain a' yir stories
o' adventures ye've had
on the path tae yir glories,
amidst a' the killing,
in the blood and the glaur,
in the thick o' the fray
o' the two world wars.
As yir bairns wait at hame
fir their faithers' return
ye've marched through the smoke
and the fires that burn
and once ye've dealt wi the crisis in hand
ye'll be boarding a ship
tae Atholls' green land.
Ye'll be hame in the straths,
whaur a' ye belong,
the land o' yir faithers
whaur yir bairns grow strong,
awaiting yir call
tae rise once again
as history beckons
tae Atholls' young men.

Poetry by macpherson
Read 742 times
Written on 2005-10-12 at 23:28

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