It's crazy how something as seriously beautiful as the Earth can descend into a complete joke because of us humans. Hope this gives you a laugh.

Monkey Puzzles

Through the dark November forest,
through the branches blows a breeze,
they bend, they break, they brandish
as they welcome winter to the trees.
As the land rests in it's slumber
the daylight stays away,
we live and die in shadow
falling down each dormant day.
A Christmas crispness crackles
in the star sequined eve,
nothing should be left to chance
we must make ourselves believe
that all we can accomplish
during this season of goodwill
wiil quickly come and quickly pass
with no-one falling ill.
We'll sit down to a dinner
of the turkey we had killed
the week before, in accordance with
what the lord hath willed.
I'm sure it was delighted
it died for proper cause,
but before the year is over
it's time to pray and pause.......

Imagine if he(or she) arrived today
to relieve our stress and pain
and soak up all our evil
so we can start again.
"So sorry are we all who've sinned,
please don't send us down to hell'
wont you give us another chance oh lord,
and allow us just one spell!
We promise we'll use it wisely,
it will be our milk n honey,
so let's get rid of this goodness crap
and make ourselves some money!
The Amazon trees we'll all wipe out,
in the bank now lies the grail,
so bugger saving planet Earth,
the tiger, man or whale.
All these lifeforms are expendible,
they go for the greater good
and though they wont go quietly
we think perhaps they should!"

Two by two back to the Ark,
up the gangway wide,
"I'm sorry folks, if you've not got tickets,
we can't let you come inside!"
we're off to the stars, to life on Mars,
it's us the Alien Nation.
The tickets went like hot cakes
in seconds sold right out,
so please beware of forgeries
appearing all about.
But you wont get a ticket,
you wont have to pack your pack son,
booking office just rang up-
they've gone to Michael Jackson!
So now Michael's on his spaceship,
he's just walked across the moon,
he stands shrugging his shoulders
when he sees the Great Monsoon.
At least he's still got Bubbles,
his one and only friend
but the cheeky little monkey
understands this is the end.
Luckily there's plenty bananas,
a good few years supply
so Bubbles starts evolving
before the stock runs dry.
He's really good at table tennis
and sometimes lets Michael win
to see a grown man cry like that
really is a sin.
He cleaned Michael out at poker,
took the shirt clean off his back,
and often nailed him playing chess
by insisting Michael's black.
Well Michael he got sickly
we think pneumonia or TB,
a shock ran through his system
and blew his MTV.
Bubbles tried to fix it,
he really done his best,
"If you can get this working Bubbles,
I'll awfully be impressed!"
It was sad how Michael pleaded
with his monkey to achieve
what was always the impossible
but at least Michael believed.
Then one day Bubbles woke up Mike
and pointed to our planet
seems the whole thing was just a joke
set up by his sister Janet!
My God, Michael he was pissed off
Janet had gone too far
so he set the controls for the heart of the sun
now we've lost our biggest star.

Poetry by macpherson
Read 596 times
Written on 2005-10-03 at 16:19

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