Every dark cloud has a silver lining...

Green Thoughts

That's it then,
I've read the report,
The future's dire:
Rising temperatures,
Rising sea levels,
Rising tempers,
Lower prosperity,
Lower standards of living,
Lower horizons;
That's it then,
You and I must do our bit,
We can both help the planet;
Come let us start today
As we mean to go on!
First, we'll shower together,
Saving energy and water,
Secondly, we'll have a tear
And share breakfast of toast,
And a soft egg boiled in
The saved shower water,
And then we'll walk to work,
Holding hands to show our solidarity,
Marching for the cause of greenery,
And if we get sacked for being late,
We'll work from home as self-employed
Green-living consultants and role models,
Which means, of course, that we can
Go to bed at any time during the day or night,
Turning off all the central heating,
No need for that when, as the song says,
We'll have our love to keep us warm...

... oh, here's our station, well, it was nice talking to you,
Sorry to bore you with my thoughts on the report,
But I've always wanted to make your acquaintance;
What, you're leaving the company today!

That's it then.

Chris Fernie, 2006

Poetry by Chris Fernie
Read 446 times
Written on 2006-10-31 at 09:51

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Kathy Lockhart
Oh the joys of being green. Now I love your ideas on how to conserve. It saves the earth and promotes unity. Since there is a vacancy at the company, I'll cycle over and fill it. : )

Excellent and a breath of fresh air on a subject not often tackled