What are we going to do when we all fall into the other deminsion and find each other suspended in air?

The Greatest Gathering

OHHH! A light before a light
Flashes, devastating lands

Disintegrating everything around
Fires burn with so much energy

Earth is no longer a happy home
It is burnt and charcoaled, without existence

An Extinction Continuation
Came with all the devastation

In a realm only painted by an individuals imagination
Millions of spirits rest unconscious now

Waiting for a place to roam
Waiting for a place to call there happy home

Divine spirit slowly bellowing his call
Awakening all

Without control they levitate
Following the force that drives them

Over plains and acre's of lands
Through mountain ranges

Across seas and ocean's
Toward the east somewhere they escape

Upward, onward and inward into the kingdom of Piece
When all arrive they can finally relax again

Knowing thou before they ease
They must go on and observe there unimagined realm

As the essence in creation unites together
In the Greatest Gathering

Heavens left Enjoying, Absorbing, and loving

Poetry by cory Crook
Read 497 times
Written on 2005-10-04 at 09:40

Tags Happiness 

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