Tug Of War And Im Not Pulling

We get along great.
You two get along well.
You start to fall for me.
I try to catch you without falling myself.
She notices your cuts and bruises,
from the fall for me.
She notices my tears,
because i couldn't save you from falling for me.
I try not to fall.
But im loosing my balance.
The ground is begining to shake under me.
I feel so guilty.
I swear i didn't push you!
You fell for me,
and I didn't even push you.
You fell for her,
because she pulled you.
Im falling now.
and soon Ill hit the pavement.
You hit the pavement a long time ago.
You've left her for me.
I feel so guilty.
I swear i didn't push you!

Poetry by Valerie
Read 768 times
Written on 2006-12-20 at 00:44

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very well written:)

Sam lockhart
AAAAAH Young Love. How I miss it. Great write Val, you are a wonderful and great neice who I love very much. Lots and lots of boys will fall in love with you in your lifetime, but remember marry a man. Love you, Great Uncle Dead Body

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Great poets just tell the truth and tell it with beauty. You are a great poet. And by the way, honey 10,000 guys are going to fall for you in your lifetime. As long as you don't lead them on and make them think you feel something you don't, you have nothing to be guilty about. It's just life. Guys will grow up and get a little wiser than they are at 13 and 14. They get smart by about age 30-32. Girls get smart at about 20. Or, in your case in a year or so. Love you, Mammy

I think this speaks for itself,guilt, regrets a fiery mixture,but a good write Valerie.

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!

How come didn't I find you before.

Welcome to the bay you unique poet,
the pictures you paint with your words are amazing.


Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Great, Fantastic, Wonderful Poetry!!! Zowie Wowie Woo Woo!!
Love you,
Greataunt kacky (wacky)

Hi Valerie,
that's a great poem.. You can't make someone love you or stay with you, don't feel guilty - feelings change and true chemistry can not be held on a distance.. I've been through the same, guilt can eat one up - don't let it, enjoy the feelings if they feel right..
x Francesca