when i look into your eyes i sometimes read the echoes of tragedies that haven't happened yet.

i always seem to end up loving the people that make me hurt the most.

(my hero.)

The Romances Of Number Seventy-Seven and Me.

1. that morning i watched you cry.
we didn't know each other well,
but your poured your grief
into my cup.

they blamed it on the alcohol----

2. that evening you folded me
into your arms, heart, confidence.
you were my tower, protector, stronghold,
my new best friend.

they blamed it on the alcohol----

3. that morning you held me tight in my sickness.
we cried at the scene,
and you bruised my lips as you kissed me

they blamed it on the alcohol----

4. that evening i went to the mountains.
i stood at the edge,
and thought i would fly if maybe i leaped,
but felt your kiss-ghost and stepped away.

they blamed it on the alcohol----

oh patrick.
(they blamed it on the alcohol.)

Poetry by MiVidaDeEpílogos.
Read 824 times
Written on 2006-11-02 at 01:39

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i <3 you.

it will all work out all right.

A beautiful and vivid journey of lovers lost, heartwrenching work. Thanks for sharing it. Hope you found him again, Tai