I regret the mistakes I made. Sorry my love.


I saw the finish,
The final break; the wrongs built.
Never can this cut be soothed,
It never forgives the pale pain.
Lonely tears falling,
Uttering whimpers: base.
Regret holds in, shovelled deep.
Feeble, corroding hands that swelter.

I saw the ending,
The corrupt words, the last kiss.
Mates that bail from the walled,
Shoulders to cry and dry on.
Troubled eyes,
Holding onto rotten pieces.
Tell me love; explain it.
Roses, scented stains so dulcet.

I made the mistakes.

Poetry by John Ashleigh
Read 862 times
Written on 2005-10-04 at 23:06

Tags Sadness 

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we all make mistakes. perhaps it is something to do with being human. the wording of this is flawless... wow. write on.

mistakes are what make us
wiser thoug some are unforgivable
but still you can learn from them and never do it again though some repeat it.
this poem really got methinking about mine
thanks i needed this poem