Dedicated to the drugged and homeless.

Take me back.

So many leaves scattering beyond the silver lining,
Highlights of dark cement discreetly in view,
Careless steps thriving past jarred accusations of heroin,
It was my fault, some others to.

Lying in a cradle is where it began for me,
Crying under a tepid duvet, to my attempted bliss,
One of few disliked of my existance that time,
I turned my back years later, to this.

Whistling passed my ears to the kind infront of me,
Gazing to the sour eyes wise to this new way,
Papery screams of the odd callings reached me,
I knew I may come home again, today.

Tranquility injected my thought, still in doubt,
As rain fell beneath my feet, signing it's heritage,
Simply honest people came towards me, soaking,
There was now a difference in my minds age.

Take me from this homelessness, I screamed.
Take me from this homelessness.
I wanted to hold what I never remembered,
Take me from this homelessness, I screamed.

Poetry by John Ashleigh
Read 811 times
Written on 2005-10-05 at 20:01

Tags Fear 

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I agree with the others here. Very powerful poetry!

Zoya Zaidi
It was so overwhelmed- forgot to rate it! It's excellent!

Zoya Zaidi
"It was my fault." It requires a lot of courage to say that!! We go on suffering stubbornly, just because we can't accept, we are sorry! once you can say that half your problem is solved- you are already on you way to healing...You yourself say it later: "There was a difference in my mind's age"...Pangs of growing up! Beautiful. 'Hugs'. Zoya

To be accepted after being in the dark is tough for many. I left those decisions to God and after many prayers my families acceptance was the answer. Even though it seems rough and tough at times, don't loose hope. Remmember there is One that always accept who we are and that is our Creator. God Bless and keep writing my friend.

i think you hit the nail on the head
with this one. being ignored just because
you're circumstances put you in a situation
that you cant control.people should be respected for who they are not by
how they live or dont live. that is what i got from this poem . it was great