I wrote this when I was in 10th grade for English class. It is a children's fable.

The Anaconda and the Guinea Pig

The Amazon jungle is an enormous clump of deep, green forest. It is the heart of South America, abundant with animals that are different than other animals in the world. The Amazon is the home of wild guinea pigs, that bound through the jungle like tropical rabbits.

In the heat of the early afternoon, the jungle steamed like an angry kettle. The animals were in various jungle shelters to escape the raining sun, the drops of heat which sprinkle all over plants and beasts. They were waiting for late evening, when the jungle would begin to cool off, as a pan of boiling water cools when it is left overnight.

One of these jungle creatures, a young guinea pig, had just found a cool leaf to sit under. He found delight in this, as he always found delight in the various activities in his life. He found abundant happiness in living each day in the Amazon. Every little joy was special to him, such as finding vegetable tidbits on the carpeted floor of the jungle, sitting in a shallow pool, and bathing in the peaceful, late evening sun.

The guinea pig was young and foolish. He did not know the way of life in the jungle. He lived according to the way, he thought he should live. All the animals in the jungle have to live according to the laws of the Amazon. The guinea pig did not know this. He never listened to danger, he did not even know that danger existed.

Nearby was a swirling river with mucky, chocolate colored globs of mud, gurgling to the surface. This river resembled herbal tea, for it was deep, dark brown with plants floating at the surface like bay leaves.

Floating at the top of the herbal tea river, was a faint, black form. It might have been muck pushed up from the bottom. It could have been a jungle vine. The strange and unusual object was floating there unmoving, never sinking to the bottom.

The object looked dead. Then in a sudden twisting, bending movement, it rose above the surface, with crystal bubbles that sprayed all over. The object plunged out of the water like an emerging volcanic island. The thing slid up on the bank, its long, bending body wound around the rocks. Its body glistened like little, shining marbles in the sun. Its forked, evil tongue spat out of its mouth like a piece of bubble gum.

This strange creature was the anaconda snake, the most feared snake in the jungle. The anaconda is more fearsome and vicious than his cousin, the python. Although the anaconda is not as long as the python, its body is wider. This makes the anaconda look larger.

This anaconda was not the largest of his kind and he was not the smallest. Most animals feared him however, for he was a excellent hunter. The anaconda had not eaten since morning and his stomach was as empty as a fish tank without any water. His belly craved a delicious tidbit, something new and sweet!

The anaconda slid through the jungle vegetation and the chocolate mud, his long body bent to the will of the grass and leaves. His body swayed back and forth, as a kite tail does in a gentle breeze. The anaconda searched everywhere for his dream tidbit. The anaconda's sensory, heat radar located a small shape among the jungle leaves. He saw something very tasty! A superb gourmet dinner, flaky, crispy meat on four legs!

"Come here little rodent, you lip smacking morsel! Come to me and be swallowed down my throat! , "said the anaconda to himself.

The anaconda crept up slowly. He hissed and spat, so that the guinea pig would hear him. The guinea pig stared at him with wide open eyes of liquid pools. The guinea pig had never seen a creature like the anaconda. He wondered if he could be a friend to this strange beast. Because he was young, the guinea pig had not made any friends. The anaconda was ready to creep away, when the guinea pig called out to him.

"Please do not leave. I want to talk to you. It is very lonely in the jungle and I have not spoken to anyone for awhile. "

The anaconda turned around. He knew that the guinea pig would want to talk to him. That is why, he pretended to slip away. The anaconda rolled his eyes and replied,

"Well, I have many things to do today and I will be very busy the entire day. I could have a few moments of chat with you. I do not think it will ruin my schedule. "

The anaconda slithered over to the guinea pig.

"Make yourself comfortable. This is not much of a place, but it does for me," the guinea pig said, saving the best spot for his new friend. "What strange creature are you? I am very young and I do not know all the animals of this jungle, "questioned the guinea pig.

The anaconda replied, "I am an anaconda snake. There are many of us in the jungle. I wonder why, you have not seen any of my kind before? "

"I do not know why, "said the guinea pig, "Maybe it is because I am sometimes too busy in my own affairs, to notice anyone. "

The snake answered, "I have seen your kind before. I have never thought of making your acquaintance, 'or eating you'"thought the snake, becoming more hungry with each word spoken.

"You should of! , "said the guinea pig, exurberantly, happy that he had made a friend. "Guinea pigs are very pleasant to talk to and we are very friendly. You would not regret it, if you knew one of us! "

"I know, you srumptious tidbit. That is why I am going to eat you, "the anaconda thought. Then he continued, "Dear guinea pig, I know, I will not regret knowing you. I am very overjoyed that we are having this chat. "Then to himself, "Yes, I am overjoyed, so you can become my friend. Then I can end the complaining of my stomach! "

The snake became more charming by each moment, "I have seen many guinea pigs before, but not any like you. You are differant from the rest of your kind, "the anaconda was laying it on thick. He continued, "Your fur is a luxurious color, deep brown and shiny like midnight stars and your eyes have brilliant diamonds in them. "

"Thank you, my dear anaconda! I am overfilled with happiness, that you like me! , "sang the guinea pig. He could not contain the bountiful joy inside him.

"Yes, my dear guinea pig, you are going to make my stomach happy soon! , "sneered the anaconda to himself. "Guinea pig, I would be overjoyed, if you would come to my humble home and have a bite to eat with me. "

"Yes! , "cried the guinea pig, "I would be honored, as your friend, to see your delightful home and after, we can rest by the river. "

The two creatures bounded and slithered into the changing afternoon shadows of the jungle, brushing the plants aside, as the heat rained down on their backs. The anaconda reached a big, earthen mound, which was previously the home of a large rodent. The anaconda was happy that he had got this far with that foolish, stupid rodent. The rumblings of his empty stomach would soon be filled with a juicy snack!

The anaconda said, "My friend, you can go in first and see my humble home. "
The guinea pig waddled into the mound and when he saw the snake's wonderful home, he let out a jubliant cry. However, the cry was cut short, as the rotten, evil anaconda slipped in, full length and then the guinea pig was silent. The reptilian body then slid out of the mound. He ran his forked, evil tongue over his mouth and smiled, very satisfied.

The guinea pig did not heed the dangers of the jungle and he was ignorant of the evils the jungle contained. He was quick to make friends with someone he had just met. This proves you can not trust certain people and to be careful. Do not be fooled by people, who cover up the bad inside them with crafty charm.

Words by Amy Buchanan
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Written on 2006-11-06 at 07:04

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