A salute to the month I was born in.

I Am June's Child

I was born when the roses bloomed
and the wild flowers burst forth their

My new day dawned with the chorus
of birds and the fresh breeze blowing
through the trees.

The summer sunshine kissed my new
face and filled my first day with delight.

The joy of nature abounded on the day
of my birth.
This joy will reside within me forever.

I am June's child.
Happy when the flowers are filling my
need for color.

Happy when the cheerful birds are singing
in the trees.

Happy when the summer sunshine dances
across my face.

June's child will always chase after the gift
of life that greeted her at her birth.

June is always in my heart.
Even when the rain pours.
Even when the winter blows.
Even when the flowers fade away.

I am June's child.
Nature's joy molded me since the day I was

June's child always filled with brightness.
A brightness that will never dim.
A brightness that will never grow old.

I am June's child.
If you are also June's child.
Rejoice with me that you were also born
during this bounty of nature.

Poetry by Amy Buchanan
Read 1073 times
Written on 2007-05-14 at 04:38

Tags June 

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Another lovely nature-themed poem from you. I love your philosophy.