another nod to the macabre, Poe and King (Stephen, that is)

The Depths To Which She Sank

A voice awakes her.
A memory shakes her.
Lying in the dark she waits, she listens.
On her pale cheek a grateful tear glistens.
She can not move.
It might break the spell.
She knows that voice.
She knows it well.
The "I love yous", the desires, the wants
bless her eager ears
Sooths where the misery haunts.
Her lover once so silent
Now speaks so free and sure.
Too bad, she thinks,
To go to such lengths
To hear those words so dear.
Just out of reach,
He is so far yet so near.
He laments and confesses his heart.
Thick darkness now keeps them apart.
Six feet away but she can not touch him.
He cries now for the fate that did meet them
"Hear me now, I tell you true.
How my beauty I did love you"
"I fear to think of your home now,
that icy darkness set on your brow."
"I will lie here.
I have marked the spot."
"In my heart you are forever caught."
"Why did you leave,
Why did you go?"
"Did you not know I needed you so?"
"Your lips, your hair, your eyes so bright,
have all been swallowed by forever night."
Oh the love he has, she thinks
As here soul cries , breaks, then sinks.
Forgetting herself she reaches for him,
Not fully realizing the where or when.
How silly was she to want what she always had.
Now in the darkness she may go mad.
In this moment she sees the truth of it all.
Lying there hearing his mournful call.
Between them now the worms and the dirt
If her heart was still there oh how it would hurt.

Poetry by Jessica Rexroat
Read 695 times
Written on 2006-11-06 at 22:50

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
This is a grabber. It holds you and takes you and shakes you. You are MRS. POE t!

Zoya Zaidi
Jessica!!!!! Now I have to call you the queen of macabre, much as I would hate to, but can't help it the poem is so good, it keps you glued, just as thillers do...
(((Fasinating write)))

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
AHHHH! Jessica I loved this eerie, haunting, chilling, poem. We do share this love of the macabre tales.