I want that someone is you..

You were the only one i did like, the only one i need
for the first time i saw you then i know that you were the only one
you were my "livboj" and you said that you never would leave me
im sorry for all the pain you have feelt

You did't care that love did come between us
if you like me so much as you said then you would't hurt me
i dont have any ground to stand on
some friends i have but i dont understand
you said that you never would hurt me but just look what you have done

You push me on the side just like you did't care
you did't talk with me anymore
i was one of them, again

You took my heart just like that
but you will always be number one in my heart
i need you so much and i miss you so much

I want you when i weak up
to say good morning to

I want someone to tell about my day
and say that i miss you in the phone

I want someone to crowln into in the sofa
with candy and a blanked

I want someone to say good night to
have some one safe arms to sleep in

I want that someone is you..

Poetry by Lilla Trollet
Read 626 times
Written on 2006-11-06 at 22:58

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Zoya Zaidi
Sorry, I mean,
Welcome Trollet!

Zoya Zaidi
Very sweet sentiments.
Welcome to he bay triola!