I'm going to Grasmere next week to visit William Wordworth's grave (as well as drinking a lot of local beer, I hasten to add). A few years ago I wrote this parody of one of Wordworth's best known poems. As you'll see I'm guilty of the very behaviour


I wandered lonely as a clone,
Listening to myself on dictaphone,
When suddenly I came across a host of hikers,
Twitchers, climbers and panting bikers;
And as they dispersed across the hills
They trampled on all the daffodils.

Chris Fernie, 2006

PS Twitchers is a nickname given to birdwatchers.

Poetry by Chris Fernie
Read 478 times
Written on 2006-11-07 at 10:10

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la tristesse
am laughing my bottom off at this! v. funny - well written!

Kathy Lockhart
Cleverly done Chris. I too see the underside or perhaps the skin of this poem as a message about respecting the nature we enjoy.