Dear America: I am Blind.

Dear America:

I am counting your eyelashes inverted on your ruined cornea.

You say to me "Look, child, lookó"
Though you and I will never see a thing,
You hid your eyes between fingers of steel and spiderweb fifty years ago,
Sky-scraped across your face like skidmarks

Catch-22 eyelashes.

You display yourself in flickering neon lights,
Pooling in the hollows of the going-nowhere's necks
Dammit, you got them nowhere

You promised me,
You lied to me,
You and me and we are dying slowly

So help me god...

You count your ribs with something close to reverence--
Red and white and blue
Fifty stars for just fifty more pounds gone
Blood and bone and bruise

America, the beautiful.

You say to me, "Look, child, lookó"
America, if you tell me one more time that the truth will set me free

I don't wanna hear how two men can't hold hands
And I how can't be the president 'cause I'm a girl
And how that black kid and that white kid are dripping blood on the tired linoleum again
And how s/he/it shot the school up and down and everyone
Is now crying

Or dead.

I'd rather hide my eyes with my fingers, sky-scraped across my face like a car accident
While you claw feebly at the backs of my hands,
Whispering "Look child, lookó"
Pointing at something that neither of us can see.


Poetry by Inked.
Read 2043 times
Written on 2005-10-08 at 02:25

Tags Sadness 

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Christian Ward
One of the most powerful poems I have read in a while.

And for that, I applaud you

This is what I call true ,raw talent.Really impressive to the point that it sets you thinking also.BRAVO girl!!!!!!!

you really are amazing my love. this poem is sad, but it makes such a statement that it just amazes me.

John Ashleigh
Brilliant, jesus, I love it so much! This is so powerful, it really releases truth about america. I am speechless...