I had thought of this idea for some time now, and reading a book with a guy who constantly quotes Shakespeare gave me the blank verse. Two and two make five, right?

My Road has Split

Coming out upon the open plain,
Wand'ring far too long, when what comes near—
Into my view, but that which I have feared
For quite some time now, just because it is
The hardest choice that I will ever make.
The road has split in two and I must choose.
I look to left, and cannot see at all
What would become of me should I decide
To cast myself into its winding depths.
(But how can I myself resist the thought
Of greatness and adventure all around?)
I turn to right, but I am saddened great
Of sameness for the long eternity.
And yet, it is the goal I've had so long,
To live a simple, quiet life of joy
From only those that I should seek them out.
To which do I commit myself? I can
Behold the both of them at once, and yet
With neither seeming any clearer than
The other; now I realize that I
Have never seen the two of them at once,
And I can't help them reconcile themselves
Without destroying that which I have made
Inside myself—my very essence here,
Divided in these two opposing thoughts.
There's only one true choice that I can make,
And that's the middle path. I split the road
In half, and I continue on my way.

Poetry by Wehpudicabok
Read 743 times
Written on 2006-11-09 at 04:37

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And you writing just amazes me and my brain.

Didnt expect the ending but a very wise decision I must say!!!!!

An interesting and profound thought. I liked it. :)