Pain in my heart
Pain in my head
The pain will go away
or so I was taught

Anger and agony
thats all I feel
But they're better than misery
no one should feel this way

I say I can handle it
but I just can't anymore
I used to handle anything
but now I'm tired of this shit

No on notices that I'm pulling away
they all think that I'm just rebelious
I really don't know what to say
I just can't explain

I'm telling you the truth
when I say that I don't know
Or even help me
but this is not a confession booth

You may not believe me
but this is how I feel
Its all that i can see
its my pain not yours just listen

The End

Poetry by sam
Read 365 times
Written on 2006-11-09 at 09:28

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sabereh lotfian
mmmm , you know sam pains make us waht we should be ,it's like a blacksmith who shapes the iron ,& we r that piece of iron & the blacksmith will make us at last to be a useful tool :) isn't it?
i liked it:)

peace & light

~Sabereh Lotfian