Everyone is a different person with different side-effects to feelings, whether it is shown or not.


Hell's a hot sweltering basket of passion.
Love; the unjust sight, hurting for you and
crashing down, burning the opportunity.

Hate and Love can hurt you differently.

Normal: the definition a blind eye.
Failure thrives through your journey and
all you want to do is continue, keep up.

It is up to you to pace without inspiration.

It's not guaranteed, just a choice.
Passion caves, hauling your eyes shut and
erecting your hands, enlacing it open.

You don't have to give up without answers.

Heaven's a cushion of warm embrace.
Maturity winds, wrapping around and
grasping a child's face, suffocating.

It doesn't need to be mature to lust.

Swaying; following the winds movement.
The leaves that change colours, and
falling in all seasons of a year. Trampled.

For you can follow and still be different.
- For you can be Unique.

Poetry by John Ashleigh
Read 723 times
Written on 2005-10-10 at 08:51

Tags Expectation 

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once again i am over took by your style and percerption this one really is unique
to folow others and yet be your own person realy defines individualism even when there dosnt seem to be any at all

Hell too is beautiful, like sin. It's part of creative experience. You have done a nice poem, indeed.